‘Fear of a Queer China: Activism, Culture and Resistance’
Research Workshop

Time: 5-6 February, 2018

Venue: Trent Building, University of Nottingham University Park Campus


This workshop, comprising two half-day sessions, will bring together queer scholars and activists to discuss key issues concerning queer activism in contemporary China. The workshop features panel discussions and roundtables, artist talk, film screenings and Q&As. Guest speakers include queer filmmakers Fan Popo and He Xiaopei, queer artist Whiskey Chow, queer activists Li Maizi, John Shen, Peng Yanhui, Ren Naying and Yao Tianming, and queer studies scholars Dr Hongwei Bao, Dr Sarah Dauncey, Dr Dilnur Reyhan (National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilisations, France), Dr Derek Hird (University of Westminster), Séagh Kehoe, Linda Pittwood, and Emmanuele Lazzara. Researchers and artists will explore the co-production of knowledge and innovative forms of academic activism.   


This event is presented by the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies, in association with the Identities, Citizenship and Migration Centre (ICEMiC), the University of Nottingham.


For more information and event updates, please visit WAGIC: Women and Gender in China (https://www.wagic.org/).



Monday 5 February 2018 (Trent A21 Council Room)

1:00 Arrival and Registration (Trent Building Foyer; Trent LG9)

2:00 Welcome from tthe School Director of Research (Professor Judith Still)

2:00-2:50 Panel 1. Family, Belonging and Stigma (Trent A21)

Panellists: Emmanuele Lazzara (chair), Yao Tianming, John Shen

2:50-3:00 Break

3:00-3:50 Film Screening and Q&A: Our Marriage (dir. He Xiaopei, 2013, 41 min.) (chaired by Derek Hird) (Trent LG101)

3:50-4:00 Break

4:00-4:50 Panel 2. Media and Social Activism (Trent LG101 Senate Chamber) (Trent LG101)

Panellists: He Xiaopei (chair), Fan Popo, Li Maizi, Peng Yanhui

4:50-5:00 Break

5:00-6:00 Artist talk with Whiskey Chow, chaired by Linda Pittwood) (Trent LG18)


Tuesday 6 February 2018 (Trent LG101 Senate Chamber) 

9:30- 10:30 Panel 3. Margins of Queer Culture  

Panellists: Séagh Kehoe (chair), Whiskey Chow, Ren Naying, Sarah Dauncey, Dilnur Reyhan

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-11:30 Film Screening and Q&A: New Beijing, New Marriage (dir. Fan Popo, 2009, 18 min.) (chaired by Bao Hongwei)

11:45-12:00 Break

12:00-1:00 Workshop Reflections: Quo Vadis Chinese Queer Activism (all panellists, chaired by Peng Yanhui)

1:00 Wrap up

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Dr Hongwei Bao (hongwei.bao@nottingham.ac.uk)

WAGIC is a dedicated space for discussing gender, sexuality and feminism(s) in China past and present

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