Podcast 1 

What is a 'Chinese woman artist'?


In WAGIC’s very first podcast, hosts Tessa Qiu and Yuan Ren are joined by researchers Dr Monica Merlin (Birmingham School of Art), Luise Guest (White Rabbit Collection), Christina Yuen Zi Chung (University of Washington) and artist Yi Dai to respond to the questions: What is a 'Chinese woman artist'? And is there such a thing as 'Chinese women’s art'?



Further reading: No name group, Nuxing zhuyi/Nuquan zhuyiCentral Academy Fine Art Beijing (CAFA), Bloomberg new contemporaries, Liao WenBirmingham School of Art, White Rabbit CollectionPan Yuliang: A Journey to Silence exhibition at Guangdong Times Museumguigehua (chamber painting)

Find out more about the artists: He Chengyao, Chen Lingyang, Lin Tianmiao, Tracey Emin, Judy ChicagoGao Rong, Tao Amin, Dong Yuan, Xu Bing, Lu Yang

(Image: Courtesy of artist Lin Tianmiao, Badges, installation shot, 2011–2012)


WAGIC is a dedicated space for discussing gender, sexuality and feminism(s) in China past and present

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